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Group Ex: Early Risers Total Body Workout • Register •

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young adults in yoga class.
Start the day off right! Boost your metabolism, increase your Strength & Endurance, and Reduce Body Fat! Using a "super-slow" style of training, you will challenge the muscles by utilizing a lighter weight or your own body weight. This is just as effective as training with a heavier resistance-it's all in the technique. You make up the difference in the intensity provided by a sustained grip on the targeted muscle, until it reaches total momentary fatigue. This allows you to more effectively address the safety and integrity of your joints. This is paramount when it comes to resistance training. Fun, Challenging & Effective. Adapated for all fitness levels. Taught by a Certified Personal Trainer & Group Instructor. Modified for physical limitations.

Kimberly Hicks, CPT - AFAA / 804-769-0212 or 804-339-0081

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