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Group Ex: FITness Fusion 4-3-2-1 • Register •

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Rev up your metabolism, tone and firm your muscles, and burn excess body fat! You'll perform high-intensity interval training, and compound/functional resistance exercised, as well as exercises to strengthen your core followed by stretching and deep breathing. When done together, all these exercises provide you with a power-packed workout that maximizes your metabolism and fitness.
4-(H.E.A.T) High Energy Aerobic Training...
3-Resistance Exercises...
2-Strengthen your Core...
1-Stretching and Deep Breathing

Fun, Challenging, and Effective. Adapted for all Fitness Levels. Modified for physical limitations. Taught by Certified Personal Trainer & Group Instructor.

Walk-ins welcome for $7 per class

Discount Offered
Take both FITness Fusion AND Butts & Guts for $40 per session.

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